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A Good Set of Lungs!

August 8, 2012







Is what you need to run- or at least run without collapsing! How do I know this- because… you guessed it… I am another mental mission to complete a challenge. This time it’s the Great North Run. Walking mountains is yesterday’s pizza- it’s all about pounding the pavements now to complete a half marathon- without killing myself. If I am totally honest.. I may have just bitten off more than I can chew on this one- highlighted as I was easing myself into the bath unable to bend my legs after a simple 10k run! The cider helped though – getting out was much easier. I am guessing that it did not” look” easy though and not  glamorous at all I imagine. It was the the kind of ‘getting out of  the bath’  you see on those adverts with geriatrics selling those special baths with the walk in option- not the adult movie version I can tell you!

There is another reason I know this- because it seems that any woman running with a pair over a C cup- has to endure all kinds of shit whilst running.  Some of it amuses me- some of just pisses me off.  Despite strapping myself up with  NASA strength  fabric-  ‘the girls’ are a main star attraction of any run I do and if I want to run I am going to have to get used to that.

There are several types of onlookers- here are just a few:

The sneaker: The guy driving his car with his wife seated next to him- pretends to look in his side mirror. Classy!

The suicidal:  The guy driving his car with his wife seated next to him that just leans out and leers and gets a dead leg from his wife

The Dick: The guy who shouts some random statement out about speeding up- despite the fact that his own fat gut is wedged underneath his wheel

The Nob: The guy who shouts dirty stuff out… usually so clever and innovative that I have to stop myself chasing after him to try and grab some of what he is offering!!

The Bitch: the woman driving who would run you over if she could for what I can only imagine is because she feels bad for not being out.

The Winker: not sure what that is all about!

The Crasher: the guy that almost swerves of the road having a massive leer!

The Nodder: The guy on his mountain bike- who I think is just saying- hey welcome to the ‘ get a life’ club. ( Although if he  had seen me almost spew over the dry stone wall earlier through sheer exhaustion- might not have been so impressed)

I don’t have tickets on myself. I am pretty sure I could have the head of a moose- but as long as I had female bouncy bits- running is going to be a spectator sport.  That is why the kind of women you see running are generally the ones with no boobs. That is because every time women with anything more on top go out- they are put off by men who should generally know better.

So anyway- I’m back with my blogs- this time it’s all about running but it’s still ALL about The British Lung Foundation. I am back in therapy- the running/walking is about taking time out to try and fix what is broken in my head- to thrash out all the shit. The news that my dad is now going to be permanently plugged into oxygen was my reason for needing therapy today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

If you got bored last time of the blogs- these will be much of the same kind of shit- different subject- so I would ignore

For those that like to read my shit… welcome back 🙂

12 Miles.. that is what I am aiming to run.. me and the girls that is

wish me luck






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