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2 Ninja Turtles, John McEnroe and a bloke with a dodgy wig and tash!

July 1, 2012

On June the 29th 2012 – this is how we rolled.

The 80s bash had finally arrived and as you can see from the picture above we were all ready for some full on Rick Astley, Madonna and Kylie tunes!

All the ticket sales proceeds were  going to the British Lung Foundation. Organising social events is hard enough but charity events are something else- basically to raise any cash- you have to be about as cheeky as it gets- something I have now become expert at it seems! The Student Union had given us their room and staff for free,  the amazing Jo from the office- gave her DJing for free, Steve brought his karaoke machine and 8000 tunes for free and Liz, Kirsty and Matt had all given up their time to help me fill balloons with helium, put red lolly pops in jars, scatter red hearts on tables and generally run around like blue ar** flies getting everything ready- all for NO CHARGE!

I could not have done this event without the people mentioned above.. nor would it have been half as fun!

The evening started well- with a bottle of white wine, a bottle of helium  and microphones on stands- a whole 4 of them! Life could not have been more exciting!  Steve was so excited that he couldn’t concentrate enough to put his own nail varnish on- although he had managed to do a super job of his eye liner and lipstick earlier.

I had been up to the local hairdressers and had my hair all 80d up.  I had to walk through Huddersfield town at rush hour with totally normal work clothes, no makeup and hair that literally didn’t move in the wind- and would have been very fitting if I had ran back to work singing ‘ The Sun’ll come out tomorrow’! Deffo more Annie than Madonna for sure! Although by 11.00pm- I had my amazing beer goggles on and thought I looked super cool!

Kirsty was also taking it very seriously. There was a lot of back combing in the ladies toilets to get that hair sorted.

It was all about the 80s and the R&E team had certainly got that one ticked off

Everyone had made a huge effort. Even my 63 year old mum and her friend had totally gone 80s mad.

Kirsty’s best moment had to be the gliding belly slide across the dance floor to flash dance though. Almost the funnies moment of the night- and would have won me 250 quids on you’ve been framed for sure!  Very funny!

The funnies however had to be my brother and niece who were both wearing ninja turtles outfits- having a dance off on the dance floor. This involved belly rolls- snaking on the dance floor and full on knee slides!

The Karaoke was equally as entertaining. I had to be dragged off the mike.. mainly because my language was terrible!! not cool in front of your mum!!

Phillip’s ‘manly tash’ caused us much merriment- and by the end of the night- we were wearing them as eyebrows- sideys and all kinds of things!!

We raised over £200 pounds on the night  which was a great amount for a great cause. I also learnt that I had great friends and totally barmy family.

Here are some more pictures to give you a flavour

A great night!

And all for my dad- who couldn’t make this event because by 8.00pm he is asleep in his chair and could never have coped with the noise and shannagins. We missed you there dad xxx


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  1. What a fantastic bunch you all are – some very fetching outfits there! Hats off to your mum for her stylish get up too – who needs Gok Wan eh? best wishes Parvati.

    • dee2473 permalink

      Hey there. Sorry for rubbish catch up- work has been mad! How are you? Have you been keeping up with your walking? Really hope your health has been well- have thought about you lots. Love to izzy – A level results soon!! Good luck. D xxxx

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