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The Final Countdown

June 27, 2012

With 10 days to go we decided we should actually meet and talk about the walk officially. We talk about it constantly in the office but never actually do we talk details. So we decided  a lunch in the Student Union would sort us out.

So this is just a very simple blog about what we need to walk and the walk itself.

Note to all- THIS MEETING WAS NOT ACCOMPANIED BY BEER…… wtf was that all about!! In fact this meeting was so serious- I had a pen and paper.. check me out!

So here is a list of what we think we  need- not inclusive- we are taking clothes and shoes as a given!

  • walking sticks because the crappy British weather means everything is more slippy than usual. Steve who to be honest is now taking his health and safety far too seriously has told us we all need sticks. I am slightly concerned he will turn up with a risk assessment form on the day! only joking Steve- my life is in your hands and someone has take that seriously… I wonder if the uni have priced up the insurance on this one!
  • fresh wipes– because we will stink and we will care! ( I’m thinking not)!
  • Headlamp– just in case we end up in the dark- or if me and Kirsty want to play Carry on Dr..
  • Phone charger- because I will survive the wind and rain- I won’t survive it without my phone!
  • Bin liners– I have no idea why that was on the list…??
  • Beer- now we are talking.. app it is for medicinal purposes only to help us sleep between peaks.. only one mind!
  • Travel sickness tablets– because getting to those peaks in a mini bus is going to be yuk!
  • Painkillers– nuff said!
  • Blister plasters – as above
  • A onsey- for the bus. Me and Kirsty have decided that we don’t care and going full on PJs in the busImage

The usual food, chocolate, water and stuff- all stuff that is completely obvious- and that we will forget!!  3 national peaks with no water or food but I WILL have my head torch and wet wipes!!

Kirsty who still has a cough has asked that no-one ask her if she is OK if she starts coughing or else she will batter them. nothing else to add to that really- only that- everyone should know that is not a joke and to take heed.. or else blisters will be the least of your problems

Also – no one is allowed to walk behind me or Kirsty up scramble. no one is looking up our asses basically. It won’t be pretty so move on and keep climbing.

Mike reckons we all need a buddy- a number that we can call if we need rescuing so the rest of us can carry on.  mmmmm Mike and Steve- Health and Safety boys or what!

Steve and Matt or S&M as we now know them did Scarfell for a practice on Sunday and Matt app legged it up the whole thing- after no training. No fair! He also had to wring out his underpants the weather was so bad- now Steve- why no photos of that eh- think of the fundraising opps from that- selfish Steve! Steve did show us all pictures of the tent they shared.. not much room in there S&M!

Anyway here is the walk:

Friday 6th of July

University for 7.30 am

6 Hours Drive up to Ben Nevis... eat a huge bowl of pasta..NO BEER.. NO BEER!

15.00pm – official start

20.00- finish Ben Nevis

6 hours drive to Scarfell 

2.00am- start walking Scarfell  ( whoppee with headlight)

6.00am- finish walking Scarfell

5 Hours drive to Wales

11.00 midday start walking Snowdon

3.00 – FINISH…. dead or alive!

this route takes the driving times at the max. It also assumes our driver is going to be ready and waiting with MCds ( no pressure Iain)! and it means we have to strip in van…. so I need to lose about 2 stone before Friday- great!

a quick shower in our luxury B&B and then hit the pubs- 🙂

Not too late to join us anyone??

D x


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  1. OMG! It must seem very ‘real’ and very close now that you are getting down to the knitty gritty details! I am so excited about it even though i am just a follower – i honestly think i will be unable to sleep that night. Thank you for keeping up with your blogs and sharing it all with us, It brings to life for me something that i had always meant to do. ‘With you’ all the way, Parvati (Vanessa)x

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