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So You Want to Fundraise?

June 15, 2012

First of all- well done! Second… welcome to the madhouse!

As I am in the thick of fundraising at the moment, I thought I might jot a few notes down for anyone who might be considering fundraising. I wouldn’t go as far as calling my musings ‘tips’- that may give you the illusion that I am some kind of expert in this area- which I can categorically say I am not! This blog simply tries to offer observations that I have made from trying to raise cash for charity. So I use the term ‘advice’ very loosely in this blog- it is simply pieces of information that I have found useful and you may also.

I have dabbled with fundraising for a few years now- for personal reasons( I can’t even imagine what it must feel like doing it for a job)! Over the last 5 years I reckon I have raised about £10,000 for a variety of charities. Not by myself I hasten to add- I have always had some great people involved in raising money with me. I have been lucky enough to know people that nod happily when I say things like- ‘shall we walk the Yorkshire Peaks’- or ‘let’s bake hundreds of cakes and stand for hours flogging them to unwilling students’! And even- ‘shall we dress up like Madonna and prance about to 80s music with a collection tin for the British Lung Foundation’. I wish I could say that people say yes because of my winning personality- the truth is- I have great friends and work colleagues who, like most people, are just happy to be involved with anything that involves helping others. And whilst I won’t go into a political rant (here is not the place) it’s a bloody good job that there are people like us because I don’t know what would happen to the 1000s of charities around the country if there weren’t!

The first piece of ‘advice’ I can give you then- is make the most of your friends during your fundraising efforts.. even if all they can offer is the time to mop your furrowed brow over a beer or two whilst pretending to listen to you wining about how hard it is to convince people to part with their hard earned cash! The are worth their weight in gold believe me!

Here are a few other things that might be of help to you ( I can’t tell you how excited I was when I produced my first jpeg)!

Here is why fundraising is NOT a good idea:

  • It takes a huge amount of your time up- fundraising is not ‘easy money’!
  • You end up pi**ing some folk you know off by asking them for money. It’s always a bit surprising who those people are too! Don’t take it to heart- and don’t judge people for not coughing up- money is tight for a lot of folk and your charity might not be the one that motivates them to dig their hand into their pocket for. Move on and smile!
  • Don’t be too obsessed with ‘size’. Your richest friends will probably be the ones to sponsor you the least and the ones you least expect will sponsor you a shed load. Don’t get hung up on this. It doesn’t matter how well off you think someone is or how much you know they earn… it’s THEIR MONEY and they can choose what to do with it. How much they donate is not an indication of how much they like you.. move on!
  • It’s not always fun! Standing for hours selling cakes, giving up evenings of wine to walk for hours in training and sending the same email over and over again asking for sponsorship wears thin very very quickly!

But here is why you should do it anyway:

  • Handing over the hard earned funds you have raised gives you a massive sense of achievement
  • Because someone has to!
  • we spend enough time thinking about ourselves and our own crap… it’s good for us to take time out and think about other people for a bit.
  • Some of it is really fun!
  • It helps you develop all kinds of skills- negotation skills, time managment skills etc. It can even tap into creativity you didn’t know you had!

So there have it.. that’s fundraising folks!

I will be walking the 3 National Peaks on the 6th of July to raise cash for the British Lung Foundation. So if anyone has any loose change laying around.. be great if you could sponsor me on

Wish me luck!

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