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Shame About The Weather!!!

June 10, 2012

This weekend we have all been in training. Mike and I did Kinder Scout, Kirsty did Snowdon and Steve went on his usual morning jaunt- taking in about 2500 miles somewhere in the Isle of Man.

Happy days!

Well it would be- if it hadn’t pi**ed down with rain all weekend of course!

I had a feeling my walk might not be so great when my £110 quid shoes broke as I was trying to fasten them up in the car! Despite this fact- I buckled up as best I could, set my pedometer and off we set.

I don’t mind rain. I don’t mind wind. I can even cope with them together. Rain that feels and looks more like hailstones (because it is hailstones) and wind that feels more like gail force wind (because it is gail force) and can blow you off your feet however is a different matter! The walk was wet, windy and crappy from start to finish.

Even the dog though it was sh**. Apart from the bit of course when he chased a sheep for a few miles- ignoring any plea to stop. I did what I always do in a crisis- shouted Mike’s name as shrilly and loudly as possible. I am never certain why that doesn’t work?!! Anyway, Jackson ended up on his lead for the whole walk as punishment- not chaffing at all holding him on his lead as he gagged for breath pulling all the damn way!

The walk however was good exercise with some good uphill stretches. But it also resulted in us feeling a bit gutted at not finishing in the time we wanted and wondering how the hell we would manage the 3 National Peaks if the weather was even remotely similar. However, it’s always easier to focus on what you haven’t achieved than what you have and we had at least had a go.

The great thing about the walk is that we learnt a few things that would serve us well when tackling the 3 Beasts!

  • It can be f***ing freezing even in the summer months and gloves and hats are a must! It might look nice at the bottom of the hill but the top can look a whole lot different! I ended up wearing socks on my hands as gloves- impressive!
  • Kid’s rain jackets are cheaper but are rubbish for proper trekking because kids don’t generally do hard core walks in the rain! My hood wouldn’t stay up and after about 2 hours the water came through. I found a pair of the kids earmuffs in the hiking bag which came in well in handy in keeping my hood attached to my head. God knows what people must have thought when they walked past me though. Socks on hands and tiny earmuffs on head…. novice walker who should be kept indoors that’s what!
  • You need to put waterproof trousers on before we get wet. Balancing on one foot in the middle of nowhere with muddy shoes and cling on trousers is not a good idea!
  • Bad weather does bad things to your body– even through clothes. Mike described my legs after stripping off in the car, as looking like a plucked chicken.. nice! Any delusion of looking sexy and alluring after a walk was killed in that moment!
  • Waterproof your rucksack– because whilst your banana might be safe- your sandwiches will be minging after an hour’s worth of rain water dripping into your sandwich bag.
  • Have spare clothes in the car- because as much as you say you don’t care what you look like after your hike- it’s all about being a hardcore walker… the first mention of nipping into the pub for a pint sends you into total despair as you know for sure you will bump into all your kids teachers- some old flame from high school and generally anyone that you don’t want to see you wearing skin tight wet trousers- hair stuck to your head and legs that look like plucked chickens…. not your best look

Despite all my bleating however- it was a great day and good practice. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in the driving wind and rain- walking up hills getting brain freeze from hail stones. And I complain that me and my hubby don’t get out on romantic dates anymore!

Kirsty’s photo blog is to follow and I will arm wrestle Steve into producing something!

Next blog will also investigate if Matt has thrown those pumps in the bin and invested in some real walking shoes??!

Don’t forget to keep donating to our website… still for a good cause 🙂



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